Monday, February 1, 2010

Life with Death!... Meet Kim Reaper.

Meet Kim Reaper!

"Life with Death" is about the Reaper family, particulary Kim Reaper. Just turning seventeen, she's due to embark on her training and studies to continue the family business of death. Unfortunately, Kim has no interest in her planned future and there's little she can do to change being the next in line to wield the scythe.

There is also another main character but he's still going through some tweaks and I think it's better if he's introduced through the comic being as that he isn't in the Reaper family. I don't want to reveal too much because what fun is that? :)


  1. Love her! You should change her name though because that's a lame name..oh wait! A minute! Hehe ;) your webcomice is going be sooooooooooo rad! I can't wait to see it in motion! Keep it up D!

  2. So awesome and such great work! I'd so love to do a drawing of her!

  3. Thanks, Kim :P

    Chris, that would be AMAZING!! I plan on having a gallery area to feature works like that :D