Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet Jimmy and Grimm

Unfortunately I couldn't find the concepts for Grimm or Jimmy. I have a million sketchbooks and for some reason I can't just stick with ONE until it's filled. WTF. Hopefully once I get some time I can organize this CREATIVE CHAOS. Meet two more of my characters now from my upcoming Webcomic (MARCH 2010!). 

Oh yes you know their last name now, the secret's out! That's right, meet the Reapers. This is Grimm, loving husband, father, and angel of death. 

The youngest sibling, Jimmy is a brat, impatient, rude, demanding, and selfish. Lucy is so proud of him.

Tomorrow I will be posting the last two main characters, THE STARS OF THIS RODEO. And the story synopsis so you can finally know wtf this is all about.

Q: Why don't you just tell me now?
A: Because.


  1. lol, I love the Q&A at the end :D
    Love aswell that you;re still a traditional artist who still uses pen and markers! I'll be back tomorrow for more answers!

  2. hehe! Yeah I actually enjoy working traditionally way more, but there are so many benefits to working digitally that I'm really trying to learn it more and hopefully like it!