Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet Rotty

Rotty is the family dog from my up-and-coming web comic. As you can see, he's the pup in my Blogger banner! That's his final look. Here were some beginning doodles when I was creating him. I had the basic idea in my mind from the beginning so his design hasn't changed much.


And here are some colored drawings on textured/colored paper done with Prismacolor Markers:


  1. so cute, yet so very disturbing! I'm not sure about the bone sticking out of the ear..euh..hole :D Just doesnt make sense that there would be a bone, I think the flies and hanging eyeball are gross enough :D

  2. Yeah I actually thought about that after I drew it. And even for the tail it didn't make sense. Not that everything I do makes sense but the Rotty on my header is the one I'll be using! :) He still has fur missing on this tail but no bones :D

  3. yeah I noticed that afterwards! Great idea to strip the fur on the tail.