Friday, April 5, 2013

Tampa Bay Comic Con this weekend!

Sadly I won't be at Planet Comic Con this weekend but I will be at Tampa Bay Comic Con! I have a couple of new prints:

These will also be available in my store next week or so, I'm waiting to get print supplies in. I have them in standard 8.5x11" size as well as Mini Prints! 5x7" AND 4x6"

I'll be trying something a little new this weekend with commissions, offering the same $40.00 watercolor as I did at Megacon, but also monochromatic pencil sketches for $20.00 like these:

And of course I'll have sketchbooks, comics, buttons, necklaces, stickers, and other prints!


  1. I met you yesterday (I made you look up the horoscope for November with ym children in tow) and I loved your work! I hope to see you around some more! Good luck in your artistic adventures!

    1. Hi Shary, I remember! :) Nice meeting you, thank you so much for the kind words!