Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stupid Google+...

My Stupid Google+ Mistake
I was trying to explore Google Plus a bit and didn't want a bunch of old artwork on there so I deleted an album that contained it. Turns out it was the same album that held all my blog photos and because they are linked my blog's pictures are now all gone! :( All of my work is of course still over on my DeviantArt but it's still frustrating and annoying!  I just decided to delete all the old posts so that's why there's pretty much nothing before 2011 and only a few posts for that year.

I've spent the last couple of days tearing apart my work space and room to reorganize everything and I'm so glad I did. It feels like a much more pleasant environment and all the clutter is gone. I haven't organized anything for the most part since before I started college so everything has been just piling on top of stuff but now it's all nice and I feel ready to take 2013 head on!

One thing I want to do from now on is make my blog more "blog-y" and by that I mean posting more WIPs with final images and talking about it, or something. I do post WIPs on my Flickr which I then link to my Twitter, Facebook, and sometimes Tumblr. I'd say my Twitter is the best place to catch what I'm currently working on when I'm working on it :)

I wish everyone a fantastic new year, stay safe!



  1. we know and love your talent... so we for the time can imagine your artwork... sorry to hear the silly google+

    have a great holiday and a better 2013!