Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Grimm Fairy Tales

Here are the scans of the cards I did for 5finity's Grimm Fairy Tales. 

And these were my Returns (all have been sold):

I also did artwork for something new and different! I was instructed to draw Sela and Belinda in simple line work. I didn't know what they were for though when I was drawing them.

They ended up being burned into wood cards!


  1. wonderful art as per always... i hope all is well!

  2. Great cards! The Sleeping Beauty card is mine :)
    You can post some time the 5Finity Holiday sketch cards?

  3. Thank you, guys!

    Congrats on the Sleeping Beauty!

    Yes, I will post the holiday cards, probably this week :)

  4. Thanks! Happy Holidays! :)