Monday, March 15, 2010


Megacon was fantastic! I had a great time and managed to stay super busy with commissions Saturday and Sunday. I also sat next to great people which is a huge bonus. Here are a couple commissions from people who scanned them for me or I remembered to take pictures of before handing them to their owners:

I was offering Head/Bust pencil sketches, Head/Bust color sketches, and full body color sketches. I did a neat one of Psylocke in an outfit I had never seen before... sadly I didn't remember to snap a pic. I still have a few commissions to finish and mail out that I wasn't able to complete in time, so I'll post them once they're finished.

My con table neighbor, Tim Proctor! His work is amazing and he's a great person!

Myself, Tim Proctor, and Chandra Free sketchin' away!

I don't think I've even managed to post since I launched the comic but it's indeed up! You can see a new page updated every Thursday at So far we're two pages in with a new one coming up this Thursday! Become a fan on Facebook! I post every week once it's updated! I also tweet on Twitter when I upload a new page.

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  1. I'm so happy to see my She Hulk up here! I love your work and am sad I spent too much money before I got to your table. I hope you'll be at F/X or Mini MegaCon (if they do one again) so I can get some more of your awesome pieces.